Published the English version of Tech Otter!

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Hello all.
I have already informed you on the top page and Twitter, but I would like to tell you here as well.

It is more than 10% that visitors visited Tech Otter from abroad, and inquiries in English are increasing little by little. The inquiries were mainly related to BIDS, and I thought that I could easily explain by preparing English reference. Therefore, I opened as an English Version of Tech Otter on Feb. 4th, 2019 (Mon).
Although I think most people cannot reach English version of Tech Otter from Search Engines such as Google, even if you can not reach it, you can jump from the link, “en_US en_US” under each page title, to the English version. In addition, you can also return to the Japanese version from the link “ja ja”.

The contents of the English version of Tech Otter consists of copies from the Japanese version, and I’m doing Tech Otter ‘s Englishization by my own or using Google Translation etc.

After create the English version, I changed the arrangement domain of images. Users do not have to worry about it, but it seems that access parallelization may be going to be more advanced by dividing domains. I do not know about it in detail, and I have not examined it in detail yet.

Well, as for Tech Otter’s content of English translation progress, there is no plan to Englishize the blog posts for a while. I may be going to do it, when I want to. It is not an alternative, but almost all static pages are planned to be English, except for the license page and the pages of the Structures for BVE (planned to stop publishing).  About this, English pages will be done for all pages to be released in the future as well.
However, although it is in a state in which eye catch images etc are not displayed by some of posts, all about it including the blog post is scheduled to correspond.

Currently, only English version is opened as other language version, but I am considering creating pages in that language when I have the opportunity to learn another language in the future. In addition, although I’m accepting the mistranslation point concerning the page contents, even if you translate my Japanese content to English and provide the ones by yourself, I will never adopt it, so please understand.

I am scheduling to publish the BIDS Reference as the next static page. About the specification of BIDS, I will post those which are determined to a certain extent. Please look forward to(?).



Posted by Tetsu Otter