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This page summarizes various software, developped by Tetsu Otter, for BVE. They may not operate properly depending on the environment.
Please note that I will not be responsible, even if damage has occurred.

Since I have prepared individual introduction pages for each software, please read it carefully and use it. Questions about the written contents will be not accepted at all from the contact form. Even if you send it, I will not reply.
Especially for software that uses the network, please be careful as it may not work well depending on the setting.

Panel Viewer

It is software that reads the state of Panel from the data thrown to the outside using Rock_On’s Communication.dll, and displays it.

UDP Distributor

It is software that duplicates data sent with UDP, and transfers it to another place.

BIDS Project (Move to a dedicated page)

“BIDS Project” : abbreviated from “BVE Information Display Softwares Development Project”
It is a various software to acquire BVE Driving Data using a dedicated plug-in, process it into various forms with external software, and make it available.

UDP-Serial Converter (Now Planning)

Included in the BIDS Project.
It transfers information of BVE to Arduino etc. using serial communication.

TIMS Monitor Simurator (Now Developping)

Included in the BIDS Project.
It displays information of acquired BVE on the screen of almost the same layout as TIMS of actual vehicle.

If you have any further development requests, please contact me via the contact form or Twitter. I will refer to it.

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