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About this

This program has the most important role of extracting driving information of BVE to the outside. It acts as an ATS PI to BVE and is responsible for output stage in BIDS.

The function of this program is as follows in Ver200.

  • Get the following data as driving information
    • The Number of Brake Notches
    • The Number of Power Notches
    • The Position of Brake Notches required for confirming ATS
    • The Position of Brake Notches corresponding to 67° of the brake valve
    • Current Location [m]
    • Current Time [ms]
    • Current Speed [km/h]
    • The Pressure of Brake Cylinder (BC Pressure) [kPa]
    • The Pressure of Main Air Reservoir (MR Pressure) [kPa]
    • The Pressure of Equalizing Air Reservoir (ER Pressure) [kPa]
    • The Pressure of Brake Pipe (BP Pressure) [kPa]
    • The Pressure of Straight Air Pipe (SAP Pressure) [kPa]
    • Current [A]
    • Door Condition
    • The Current Position of Brake Notches
    • The Current Position of Power Notches
    • The Current Position of Reverser Notches
  • Convert the acquired information and record it in a dedicated place
    • I use SharedMemory of Win32API to share the data on the same PC.

How to Use

Vehicles unequipped with BIDSpp.dll

  1. Download the file from “Download” on this page
  2. Unzip the downloaded file
  3. Add “BIDSpp.dll” to the ATS PI of the driving vehicle.
  4. Activate BVE and make the corresponding scenario loaded
  5. Drive as usual

Vehicles equipped with BIDSpp.dll

Select the scenario as usual and drive. There is no need for the user to do any special operation.

In either case, please be aware that you will need another piece of software to display the information.

Important Notice

  • Of the software included in the BIDS project, those that are open source can be freely used under the MIT license.
    • BIDSpp.dll is an open source software. Source code is here
    • When publishing your vehicles, you can bundle this PI. Although it is unnecessary to contact, please be sure to describe that you are using this PI under the MIT license on the instructions etc., and also include the “readme” of this PI.
      • Since there is a copy of the original text of the MIT license in the readme of this plug-in, there is no need to put a license statement on the vehicle side readme.
      • If you don’t want to bundle the readme of this plug-in, be sure to paste the license statement of MIT license to the vehicle’s readme.
  • When adding a plug-in to the ATS PI of another author’s vehicle and making it into a state where there is a possibility of touching the third-party eyes such as publishing a movie, just as a precaution, please get the permission to remodelling from the vehicle creator.
    • Please do all remodeling at your own risk, please solve the trouble by yourself.
  • Be sure to load BIDSpp.dll at the first when installing in a vehicle.
  • I’m planning to change some specifications as of October 31st, 2018. Therefore, it is provided in alpha version.


Update Log

Feb. 8th, 2019 Englishization Completed
Oct. 31st, 2018 Publish as Alpha Version

Posted by Tetsu Otter