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About This

This program displays BVE data through “ BIDS_Server” and “ws_sw“.
Built using HTML and JavaScript, it is a cross-platform application. If you are using a smartphone, you can install this program with the function, “Add to Home Screen”.
This program uses “SkyWay”, provided by NTT Communications, as the communication part.

As of October 31st, 2018, this software is offered as a beta version. The timing of updating to the finished version is undecided.

How To Use

Here, I explain only how to use this program.

  1. Enter your ID, displayed on ws_sw, into the text box, labeled “Destination (In Japanese : 接続先)” on the top page of BIDSDispWeb.
  2. Click the “Confirm Connection (In Japanese 接続確認)” button and check whether it was able to connect normally.
  3. When “Connection Completed (In Japanese “接続完了”)” appears, click the “Select Display (In Japanese “表示選択”)” button at the bottom.
  4. On the page after the transition, select the screen to be displayed.

Be sure to close the browser first when you are done. If you close ws_sw first, unexpected behavior may occur.

Important Notice

  • This software is developed as open source software based on MIT license.
  • All functions and behaviors will be provided with no guarantee. Please understand beforehand that my support is not obligatory.
  • Because it is a program made for stress divergence, it may have various bugs or be hard to use.
  • Since it corresponds to “Progressive Web Apps”, smartphone users can install and use it on their own terminal.
  • It communicates between browser and PC through SkyWay service provided by NTT Communications.
    • Although you can connect from the same network, you can not guarantee the operation of communication through the WAN (eg communication between the company’s PC, and the smartphone connected to 4G network). Communication may not be possible depending on the device through.
    • On the SkyWay system, security functions such as user verification can also be implemented, but when I do it, it seems that stress is likely to accumulate, so I’ve not implemented it.
    • Depending on the security software being used on your PC, connection may be refused. In that case, please abandon the use of BIDSDispWeb.
      • You can put the security software invalidated and use it, but I will not take responsibility whatever happens.
      • Although I’ve not installed viruses in each program of BIDS project, it does not necessarily mean that there are no programs with spoofed viruses mixed in, so disabling security software is not recommended.
    • If you would like to learn more about SkyWay, please see here.
  • Ask questions and requests on Twitter(@Tetsu_Otter).
  • As of October 31, 2018, I’m offering as a beta version. The timing to update to the official release version is undecided.
  • The problem is confirmed that it does not return to the original when the ammeter’s bar display raised. This bug will be fixed in the official release.

Let’s Use!

The original page is here.
In some environments, it may not be displayed properly unless you change the screen orientation or change the window size.

Update Log

Feb. 8th, 2019 Englishization Completed

Posted by Tetsu Otter