About BIDS Project

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The BIDS Project (BVE Information Display System Developing Project) is a plan to make it easier to carry out “external output of various driving information” which seems to be the biggest difficulty in terms of software in creating a Train Driving Cabin for BVE5 . The current situation is making it only just a little easier.


This project is, roughly, divided into the following three software.

  1. BIDSpp.dll : Send BVE driving information to the outside
  2. BIDScs.dll : Receive information from BIDSpp.dll and classify it clearly
  3. Displayer : Display information classified by BIDScs.dll

By developing display software using BIDScs.dll, you can display various information freely.

Software introduction

Please note…

Tetsu Otter assumes no responsibility even if something happens due to any files published on Tech Otter. If you are a little anxious, please discontinue use.

For some of the software included in BIDS project, source codes are published on GitHub. If you want to view the code which has not yet been thrown at GitHub, please contact through Twitter(@Tetsu_Otter).

The BIDS project is still under development. So specification changes may occur as development progresses. Please be careful when developing display software.


Loaded as an ATS plug-in by BVE, and send the information passed from BVE to the outside.


Provide the display software with the function to communicate with BIDSpp.dll. It also has a function to automatically classify information when receiving.


Receive, process, and display information from BIDScs.dll.

There is not much software corresponding to BIDS yet, but it will gradually increase with time, I hope.

The BIDS compliant display software is compiled on this page.


Update Log

February 5th, 2019 Englishization Completed
August 8th, 2018  Same time as exposing BIDSpp.dll and BIDScs.dll, corrected some contents
January 1st, 2018 Same time as exposing the BIDS Basic set, corrected some contents
November 13th, 2017 Released

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