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  • On February 4, 2019, I opened the English version page of Tech Otter. I will promote English correspondence of existing pages sequentially.
  • In 2018, there were 9743 visitors and 36778 views. I hope Tech Otter used in 2019 as well.
  • I appologize that you cannot use some software download service as of September 8, 2018.
    • From September 25, 2018, the files which had been stopped publishing were republished as junk items.
  • On September 8, 2018, I relocated the server along with the URL change. It affected some URL so you cannot see some images.
    • Fixed the problem that no image is displayed.
  • Because of server malfunction, I temporarily make it possible to access Tech Otter by accessing www.technotter.com. I’m planning to fix it.
    • On September 8, 2018, I completed the response to the above problem by relocating the server.
  • Some of the download service of PI for BVE has been resumed. I think that it will take some time to resume other download services.
  • Please note : For maintenance, download service of each software (including PI for BVE) is stopping. I’m aiming to restart during Fiscal Year 2017.
  • I uploaded GIPI (ver 2) the other day, but since I mistakenly erased the page, you cannot download it.
  • Since I accidentally uploaded more data than the disk capacity usage limit of the server, from 17:50 (JST) on February 11 to 2018 until 13:18:20 (JST), so the page could not be browsed.
  • Tech Otter excluding the top page (this page) cannot be browsed from February 1, 2018 to February 7, 2018 due to website maintenance. You can browse Nagoya_Common Gallery as usual.
  • Please note : I will carry out page maintenance in a few days. You cannot browse Tech Otter while maintenance is in progress.
  • Please note : There is a possibility that it will be difficult for you to connect to Tech Otter because the server management company performs network maintenance between 15:00 (JST) and 16:00 (JST) on January 12, 2018.
  • In 2017, there were 9101 visitors and 42289 views. I hope Tech Otter used in 2018 as well.



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